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Please welcome our Interrim Pastor: David Peckham.

Message of the week from Pastor David:

This past Sabbath we spoke about "He is Alive! What now?" Yes Jesus is the risen Savior, ascended and preparing a place for us to live in a sin free home with him for always. And there is more, he is coming to share that with us in the earth made new!
After his resurrection on that historic Sunday morning he shared time with his followers encouraging them to fill the time while he is gone with productive meaningful living.
The Risen Savior -
• Appeared to people/his followers to help them understand scripture. From Moses, through the Prophets . . .
• He eats with them. Sharing a meal with people provides a meaningful opportunity to get to know people and to serve them.
• He established their faith - see, feel it is me.
• He addresses their their fears and promises to be with them.
• He lays out their Mission - you are my witnesses.
This is resurrection news for the world and it must be shared.


Pastor Dave
(If you need to contact me please call on my cell (949) 232-6221, text me or e-mail me at

SPIRITUAL GROWTH SEMINAR will be held in our church April 29, 30, and May 1, 2.

Pastor Jack Sequeria will present a clear and inspiring study on the gospel message found in the Book of Romans.  Plan to come to each of the 6 studies, bring your Bible and a notebook or note paper, an open mind and eagerness to learn.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend to hear "The Clearest Gospel of All."

Please study Romans chapters 1 thru 16 and pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to our hearts through this message.

Please continue to pray for the Valley Center and Clairemont Seventh-day Adventist Churchs as we continue our search for an equally faithful and compassonate pastor as Pastor John Anderson.

We praise God for hearing our collective prayers and for how He will answer them faithfully!

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 Have you felt the Spirit is speaking to your heart that "The time is near." that we are living in the times the Bible describes as the last days?  We look forward to the coming of Jesus Christ as the final event of this worlds history.  Come and join us in seeking His Truth.

God Bless You,