We are a community Church who believe in the Bible as God's inspired Word.  We invite you to join in our fellowship and worship experience. We meet on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. for Bible Study (All Ages), 11:00 a.m. for our Worship service.  Have you felt the Spirit is speaking to your heart that "The time is near." that we are living in the times the Bible describes as the last days?  We look forward to the coming of Jesus Christ as the final event of this worlds history.  Come and join us in seeking His Truth. God Bless You.
 Pastor David Peckham.

Message of the week:

I have always found it interesting that Jesus will indicate that loving one another is a "new commandment".

The Bible is so full of this language of caring and loving that one would expect that by the time Jesus gets to this stage in his ministry and makes this statement, that it would be so clear that it would go without saying.  And yet he considers this aspect so important that he calls it "a new commandment," and encourages all his followers to signify their covenant relationship with him by "loving" each other.

There must be a very important lesson here and I encourage each of us to reflect seriously on what it means to "love one another" in the context of this "new commandment" that Jesus shares with us.  What will it look like?  How will it be evidenced in our lives?  And what will it look like in our Valley Center Church family?

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