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Our New Pastor: David Peckham.

Message of the week:

On January 24, 2015 Cheryl and I came to Valley Center as the interim Pastor. Now seven months later the Pastoral Search Committee has completed its work, the Church Board has received their recommendation, voted on it, and passed it on to SECC, who in turn have processed the recommendation through the Personnel Committee and Executive Committee. It is now official. Cheryl and I are blessed to be the official full-time Pastor of the Valley Center Church.
Thank you to each of you for opening your hearts and your Church to us.  We are looking forward to serving this Church Family as God gives us strength and empowers us.  If you are looking for great things from us, you will be disappointed.  But, if you are expecting great things from Jesus, you will never be disappointed!
Together we can do this! Our desire and request to God is that each of us will grow in grace.  My theme is "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto Salvation."  Let's share Jesus with each other, our families, our friends and the Community.  Please pray for us as we move into this new chapter of our lives.
Pastor Dave
(If you need to contact me please call on my cell (949) 232-6221, text me or e-mail me at

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 Have you felt the Spirit is speaking to your heart that "The time is near." that we are living in the times the Bible describes as the last days?  We look forward to the coming of Jesus Christ as the final event of this worlds history.  Come and join us in seeking His Truth.

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